Biographical Material

Sterling Luxan, tsterlin1he psychologic anarchist, is a professional writer, editor, research assistant, and aspiring counseling psychologist. He writes regularly for a couple of webpages, namely the Art of Not Being Governed and He has also written a peer reviewed scholarly article for the International Journal of Reality Therapy. He takes a special interest in the psychological and psycho-pharmacological aspects of voluntaryist anarchism.

He intends to start a community geared toward creating liberty based theories for use in psychotherapy and counseling environments, bringing anarchy into professional and academic circles. He also has plans to use blockchain technologies to create an e-library for psychology and neuroscience related material, which will also help innovate academia as well as recruit the intelligentsia to anarchism.

Sterling has a BA in psychology from Texas A&M University and is currently working on a graduate degree for clinical counseling. He takes interest in a wide variety of subjects, including philosophy, biology, anarchism, economics and neuroscience.

However, he does not get paid to write all of his articles. Some sources pay him, but he also writes many pieces that he does not get compensation for, and he spends a lot of time on his work. His pieces are known for quality and deep analysis, and they take time to compose.  He accepts your generous tips for his work, he can continue writing more unique material. For now, he accepts your generous Bitcoin donations at this address:


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