How to Seduce Libertarian Women and Secure a Black Market Romance

“Nature will unapologetically weed your genes out of existence if you don’t take action and learn how to attract women now. Do I have your attention?”

—Mystery, The Mystery Method

I hear stories about Libertarian men not being able to catch libertarian women (no they are not Pokémon, and they are not as easy to snag as Rattat—I hope).

These freedom loving men just have insecurities about dating. They are unsure about how to approach women. Their game is rusty or lacking. So they languish away, frustrated as the needs of their heart and body go unmet. Therefore, they air their grievances online, only to compound and intensify their woes.

And sadly, it seems like every time they make comments about their frustration, some anarchist women come out of the woodwork to criticize them.

These women say anarchist men are too hung up on their philosophy, too concerned with bashing Statists, and too concerned with logical mastery. In other words, these women make their fellow anarchist men feel worthless and asexual.

For instance, Lily Goldberg wrote an article titled, Dear Anarcho-Capitalist Guys: No, We Will Never Sleep With You.

The title is harsh and condescending itself, but what she said is downright cruel:

“The reason more women don’t identify as libertarian? It’s the men who identify as libertarian. Because exceptions like Austin or Judd Weiss notwithstanding, they suck. So much so that asking why more women don’t want to be libertarian is like asking why more women don’t want to be strippers, but worse, because libertarian women aren’t getting paid to get pawed and yapped at by oblivious losers.”

Their critiques may be right about some libertarian men in some instances, but I do not accept this thinly veiled misandry as legitimate or helpful. Some men simply have never learned how to court women or what techniques to use that will help them find a partner. They are not all “oblivious losers,” contrary to what this entitled woman has to say about the matter.

I believe all men have some tricks they can leverage to pickup the coldest anarchist woman, or any woman for that matter. And they don’t have to defer to anyone who tries to make them feel ugly or inadequate.

The Truth About Women and Attraction

I have a couple of pieces of dating advice that may be less degrading and help enhance the anarchist man’s ego, as well as his pickup skills. He might even get to bed a libertarian vixen. But first, he has to learn the truth about women and attraction.

Like everyone, women are definitely attracted to looks—but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Women have complicated emotional and attraction circuitry. They tend to gravitate toward men with clout, charisma, and social exuberance. They blush at sight of the alpha male.

But don’t be fooled. An alpha male is not necessarily the guy with bulging biceps, a Rolex, or three story mansion. In the mind’s eye of a woman, a man’s perceived social value, style, and gregariousness can trigger her urge to mate with him.

This viewpoint of what women are attracted to has been thoroughly fleshed out by the pickup artist community, especially by Erik Von Markovik and his book The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed.

He said, “My method is based on female psychology, so it works regardless of your looks or money.”

The Venusian Arts; How I Seduced My Wife

When I was single, before I met my lovely wife, I was really into the pick up artist community. That is when I read Mystery’s books.

The essence of his teachings hinges on turning dating into a strategy game, which is intrinsically appealing to libertarian men’s logical, nerdy natures. In other words, he trains men to disguise their thinking maneuvers as emotional maneuvers, which may later transform into actual intimate contact with a woman.

Overall, His book contained valuable insights regarding the Venusian arts (art of lovemaking), dating, and seduction. I will just cover a couple of ideas that I personally employed to seduce, court, and fall in love with the love of my life.

Disqualification as a Potential Suitor

The single most important idea to remember is that women are attracted to what they believe they cannot have (aren’t we all), and men they do not perceive as just being after a sexual rendezvous. Therefore, a man should always disqualify himself as a potential suitor.

When I met my future wife in a bookstore, I happened to be reading the Mystery Method. So I decided to practice a few of the moves. This took courage, but it is what men are socially expected to do.

Men can open conversation with a girl in a number of ways, but never say “do you come here often.” Try to be more creative and less obvious.

I introduced myself by making a joke about the book she was about to purchase. As soon as I grabbed her attention, I said, “you remind me of my little sister.”

This is one easy and elegant way for a man to disqualify himself as a suitor. This technique immediately made my wife wonder about my motives. It also put her off guard, because it telegraphed that I am not only interested in sex. It made her feel at ease and allowed flirtation to occur more natural and spontaneously.

Kino Escalation

The second most important idea that I put into practice was to escalate kino, or to start making physical contact.

Physical contact at any stage of the game can act as a barometer for her level of attraction toward a man. If she allows her “disqualified suitor” to gently touch her shoulder, shake her hand, or provide a delicate touch, it is likely a sign that she enjoys his company. She may even be sexually attracted to him.

When I was gaming my wife, I escalated kino by being silly and clever. I performed a palm reading on her. I asked her to show me her hand and if I could read her “heart lines.” This allowed me to gently touch her hand, and it also created ample opportunity for humor and interesting conversation (especially since I had no idea what I was doing).

At the end of this short pickup session, I was feeling confident and tried to kiss her. This failed, but I got her number nonetheless. We went on a date a week later and everything grew organically from that initial contact.

Pick Up Artistry and Possible Predatory Behavior

These techniques will allow a man to pick up women and get sex; but if he is like me, he may want to get discover love and intimacy. My recommendation is that he should use PUA (pickup artist) techniques as a stepping stone to eventual emotional and intimate contact with a woman.

Simply gunning for sex can be interpreted as predatory behavior, but if the woman plays along she is not a necessarily victim, but co-conspirator in the unfolding drama of courtship.

Indeed, some women see the Venusian arts as misogynistic, but I don’t see anything wrong with using ones innate talent for game theory to meet, befriend, and make love with beautiful women.

It worked for me, and I am now the happiest I have ever been with a life companion.

Libertarian Women, Black Market Romances, and Emotional Contact

The aforementioned concepts can help libertarian men start gaining skills for picking up any woman in public, but they must tailor their techniques and goals to grabbing the attention of the libertarian minded women they prefer.

The best way for libertarian men to secure these black market romances—or courtships between dissidents—is to use the internet and all online anarchist gateways.

Many women who share the values of freedom are oftentimes active in cyber communities. In this sense, the man should focus his flirtation activities online. However, he should be subtle and not just talk about anti-government activity or conspiracy theories. He should demonstrate his capacity for emotional connection and humor, and inbox women with commentary that is not about her looks or a sexually lewd comment.

Here, he should keep Mystery in mind. Telling a woman she is beautiful or that he wants to have sex with her will only turn her off. Remember: disqualification as a suitor is of primary importance.

This is one area where some criticisms against anarcho-capitalist men are likely true. If they push too hard or convey their personality as insufferable, they will never have an opportunity to put their Venusian art skills into practice. And they certainly will not make amazing lovers.

Libertarian men have a lot of intelligence and power. They should liberate those skills and use them in the service of finding romance, because in the end it is about discovering love and emotional closeness. The hot sex is just a benefit of getting close to a woman who has similar interests and passions.

Don’t got to catch em’ all—just one.


anarchy and love

Mystery Method full Audiobook:




  1. I get the idea of playing hard to get, but I feel like your suggestion to make it seem like you are totally unavailable is taking it too far. That kind of behavior is confusing (at least to me!). I don’t want to be the only one involved in courtship who acts like they’re interested! If a guy plays too hard to get, that behavior can be easily misconstrued to seem like he’s totally uninterested. Why/how is that supposed to be beneficial to either party involved? You also said that telling a woman that you think she is beautiful is a turn off. Really? If a guy says that to me and genuinely means it, that’s absolutely not a turn off. If it’s obvious that someone is saying that to you disingenuously just to get laid, yeah, that would be a turn off. I personally like banter mixed with a little sweetness. If a guy is just being a jerk and acting like he isn’t interested in me, THAT is a wicked turn off. I think my desire should be equally matched by him, otherwise I’m going to look somewhere else for love and affection. There’s nothing (IMO) that’s more of a turnoff than feeling unwanted by the guy that’s supposedly trying to seduce you! Intellect and humor go a long way, too. I don’t know. I understand your perspective, but I think some of your advice is a bit harsh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Who is this guide for? Male virgins?

    The older you get, the more you realize that the good women go fast. They tend to marry young and stay young. The rest are mostly sluts or teases. And either way it’s a scam.

    My suggestion to most men is to invest in themselves, don’t obsess over sex or women, and if you meet one who is actually willing to go the extra mile to be a boon to you instead of a liability, and if she turns you on, marry her. If she doesn’t turn you on, tell her: I don’t want to lead you on, because I am above common female behavior. At the very least, you will have moral superiority this way.

    The older you get, the less attractive women truly are. Most of them end up marrying for money because they are incapable of taking care of themselves. I personally prefer college girls because they work hard, don’t have much of a social life, and end up with careers. So unless they are sorority sisters or bar skanks, you get the cloistered girl AND the Dual Income No Kids thing when you go after academics.

    But truly, most women are ugly somehow. If they aren’t ugly outside, they are ugly inside. And the ugly ones have psychological problems from being unable to meet society’s expectations of them. And the pretty ones eventually age and become ugly. All more reasons to stop being thirsty, and get them to prove THEIR worth. Get them to come after you.


  3. i wud dl and listen to this if it were a podcast, i don’t have time atm to read the article. Or if it were a youtube vid i wud dl it as an mp3 and listen to it while i was out out and about


  4. I understand the conundrum at the basis of the article and that many libertarian men are indeed looking for libertarian women. But first of all, there is a very limited number of libertarian women to begin with, and they have their own personal preferences in terms of looks, sense of humor, personality traits and other characteristics.

    But aside from that, using Lily Goldberg’s – whomever that is – message is entirely pointless as she is obviously too “feminist” (aka misandrist) and too dumb, frankly, to pay attention to. I would say she may not even be a genuine libertarian.

    First of all, we have yet another one of these women who, arrogantly and collectivistically, make the assumption they speak for ALL (libertarian) women rather than merely themselves. She exhibits a “hive” mind, a group-think mentality, and i thus question her true beliefs in individuality.
    Second of all, the makes the very telling “argument” that many women that otherwise would, now do not identify themselves as “libertarian” because many libertarian men behave like pricks. So, let me get this straight. These women continue to embrace immoral statism, the belief that cost millions and millions of lives and destroys them daily, and reject the philosophy of individual liberty and non-violence, just because some men act like sexist pigs even though they actually reject the use of force? Am i supposed to take this seriously?

    Obviously those women that fit this description would NEVER actually be true libertarians to begin with. Do you reject slavery because slavery is immoral, or just because abolitionists include many women-friendly, politically correct and feminized men? Do you continue embracing slavery if many abolitionists are obsessed with ending slavery and calling slave-holders immoral? Do you continue embracing slavery if many abolitionists are sexist pricks not aware of Gloria Steinem’s work and not adopting the latest trends in Orwellian PC speak?

    I would say that types like Lily Goldberg are precisely the reason so many libertarian men are the way they are to begin with. Because just as they don’t prostrate themselves to the state, they also refuse to prostrate themselves to women who demand, antagonistically, to be treated like snowflakes and princesses that are part of a larger group of poor, oppressed victims.


  5. These comments and this article are disgusting. Don’t pollute anarchism with your jaded misconceptions about what it truly is. True anarchism has no room to prop up misogynistic pick up artists and the nuclear family dynamic. Proposing such a thing as an archtype for the “anarchist male” then suggesting that he be only interested in the female opposite of himself is horrendous, in fact fuck it, just to piss on the parade of you libertatrians and anarcho-capitalists, if such an archtype exists, why can’t he be interested soley in another embodiment of that same archtype, the “anarchist male”.


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