Anarchy is Rising, With or Without You

234501I love that anarchists are so far ahead of the curve.

Most anarchists recognize the following truths: they understand that government is just a Mafia, and they do not sugarcoat that fact and pretend government is necessary. They acknowledge that taxation is straight up robbery. They recognize that fiat currency is just printed monopoly money with enforced value.

Anarchists also realize that the drug war is just modern-day witch hunting. They know that culture is poisonous because it reinforces stone age dogma and violence. They admit that the family teaches people that violence is an acceptable form of solving problems. Above all, they realize the importance of individualism over governmental systems and collectivist philosophies. (more…)


Rise of the Lovertarians: A Return to Peaceful Resistance

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”

-Isaac Asimov

Humanity dwells in an increasingly hostile and dark world. People are inundated by mass shootings, warfare, and terrorism. Life is not sacred or respected. It is replete with seething anger and growing hatred.  Even some voluntaryist segments of anarchism seem eager to shed blood under the alarmist call for pragmatism.

It is as if these anarchists have forgotten their roots and dispensed with the idea of peaceful resistance, communicative nonviolence, and what Gandhi called Satyagraha—nonviolent resistance to evil. My goal is to bring anarchists back this notion that peaceful resistance can incite change, and to create a burgeoning community of psychologically minded “lovertarians.”