Quality Counseling: An Examination of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

Originally published in the International Journal of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy spring of 2015


The aim of this journal article is to conduct an overview of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. It examines the theory’s primary concepts, view of human nature, and cause of psychopathology. It also looks at clinical approaches and evaluation strategies. It examines the nature of CT/RT’s theoretical origins and methodology, an exploration of therapist-client relationship conducted and expanded in the form of ‘Quality Counseling.’



Lay Siege to the Therapeutic State: Unmake Psychiatry

Freethinkers should fight to abolish what Thomas Szasz called the “Therapeutic State.”

The Therapeutic State is the marriage of government and psychiatry. Government is the warmongering tribal leader. Psychiatry is the charlatan medicine man.  The enterprise is a rampaging behemoth that wields a deadly blend of deception and violence. It is an incestuous relationship that damages and harms everyone in its path. It does not heal or alleviate “mental illness,” as it claims. It exercises control over the population, while paying lip service to curing “mental illnesses” and leaving a trail of chemically lobotomized zombies in its wake.

The Therapeutic State has granted psychiatrists ungodly powers. They can lock people up in asylums called “mental health facilities,” without due process and without consent. They have the authority to defraud people into drinking potions that numb and destroy minds. (more…)